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I will introduce you to many different authors from different genres. These books will forever change your life, because that’s what good books do. Here, you will get to see literary world in a new light—interviews, book picks, writing contests, reading contests, reviews, and sexy teasers to leave you breathless, are only a few of the things that we at Romanceaholic have come up with.
Our Features
I believe that its necessary for books to be celebrated. They deserve the honor of being acclaimed. I want the authors to be known. The indie community needs to be recognized and admired.

Taking you one step closer to the indie book community, the first issue of Romanceaholic pulls readers from the shadows and into the light. Here, readers and authors are brought together in the way they were always meant to be…with stories.

Features stories by Laylah Roberts, R.L. Merrill, Desiree A. Cox, and Izzy Szyn.
Interviews with Haley Monroe and TJ Penn, as well as ABLS!
Interviews with Elaine Barris and the creators of Foster an Author. Reviews by ABLS. A story, Paints in Passion, by Madam La Zuray and poetry from the Word Warrior Challenge, as well as an author spotlight for Sharon Johnson!
Featuring reviews, interviews, and more!
Savannah Morgan and TA Moore, answer questions only Romanceaholic would bring you. Reviews by Krystal Amora's book reviews. Serena Akeroyd, Sharon Johnson, Jen Winters, and more in this issue of Romanceaholic!

Interviews with Auguste Wilde, Alfa Holden and R.L. Merrill. A chapter of Turn the Page by Kesey Hill. Cover Designer Natasha Banks and the Coffee House Poets live write, as well as book spotlights and excerpt.
Featuring reviews, interviews, book news, and more!
Interviews with Erica Stevens, Pandora Spocks & Paisleigh Aumack,Reviews by Carmen Alicea